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Sizing Chart

Here are sizing recommendations for our garments. If you are purchasing sleepwear, please see our note at the bottom of this page.




newborn 6-10 lbs 19-22 in
3 month 10-13 lbs 22-24 in
6 month 13-17 lbs 24-26 in
9 month 17-19 lbs 26-27 in
12 month 19-22 lbs 27-29 in
18 month 22-26 lbs 29-31 in
24 month 26-29 lbs 31-33 in



2T 34 in
3T 36 in
4T 39 in
5 42 in
6 45 in
6X/7 48 in

Our sizes are true-to-size for kids who are average on the pediatric percentile charts. This means you don't need to order up to get a good fit. Also, it is common for a child to be able to wear a garment past the weights listed above, particularly with dresses and tees. All garments through 4T are sized to fit over diapers (including cloth.)


You can use the above guidelines for purchasing sleepwear, but please keep
the following in mind:

When we patterned the sleepwear, we used the strict
sizing standards of the Consumer Products Safety Council for sleepwear which means that the garments will fit differently from other Garden Kids styles you may be used to. You will find that the fit is quite form-fitting in some places where our garments are usually loose. (The
arms are what most people notice.)

However, our fabric has amazing stretch which keeps our jammies comfortable. The important thing is that for child's safety, the garment should fit snuggly. These garments are not flame resistant. Loose fitting garments are more likely to catch fire.